Italian destination Rome attractions Travel to Italy

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Italian destination Rome attractions Travel to Italy.

Italy is not like any other country. It is a unique country.
The most beautiful cities in Italy are not like the rest of the country.
They have a special fun that attracts the soul to it.
In Italy, water mixes with fire, and humans mix with stone.
When you are there, you go to a world of imagination that is not found in any books or brochures.
Italy is the country of romance, the kiss of lovers, the enchanting eyes, the negativity of the heart, the pleasure of the longing Italy destinations Rome attractions Travel to Italy., and the haven of loved ones. Pages or lines are not enough to write about the glorious, pure, clear Italy with a refreshing atmosphere and a celibate spirit that plunges its visitors into the seas of bliss, complete brilliance, and lasting pleasure.
Just think about visiting it and you will find what pleases your mind. The most beautiful cities in Italy

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33 most beautiful places in Italy

Italian destination

Travel to Italy is located in the southern part of the continent of Europe.
Italy is bordered on the north by Germany, on the northwest by France, on the south by the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Sicily, on the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and the islands of Corsica and Sardinia, and the east by the Adriatic Sea.
Italy has an area of ​​about 301,225 square kilometers.
According to the statistics of the Italian National Institute of Statistics, the population of Italy at the end of 2008 exceeded 60 million.
Travel to Italy is the fourth largest country in the European Union in terms of population, and it ranks 23rd in the world in terms of population density. Italy has many origins, Italians represent the largest percentage in the country, constituting 93.52% of the population, Romanians, North Africans, Albanians, Chinese, Ukrainians, Asians, Americans, and others. According to one of the most common interpretations, the name was borrowed from the Greek, which means (land of young cattle), and the bull was a symbol of the tribes of southern Italy destinations Rome attractions Travel to Italy. and the name Italia was originally given to southern Italy, then the Greeks gradually called the name Italy for a wider area. Travel to Italy The official language in Italy is Italian.
It is spoken by about 55 million people in Italy and 6.7 million people outside Italy.
The Italian language is also spoken by 120 to 150 million people as a second language or cultural language.
Most Italians convert to Christianity on the Roman Catholic doctrine, which is the largest denomination in the country and Italy has the largest number of Roman Catholic churches.
Italy’s climate is diverse. Most of the northern interior regions have a continental climate, while the Mediterranean climate applies to the coastal regions and the weather tends to be cold, wet, and snowy, while the coastal regions have moderate winters and hot and dry summers.
Tourism in Italy  There are many of the most beautiful and famous Italian cities such as (Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Verona, Messina, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Catania, Padua, Trieste, Taranto, Brescia, Reggio Calabria, Prato, Parma) And other beautiful cities full of monuments and wonderful landmarks. Tourism in Italy cities.

Tourism in Rome

Tourism in Rome was called the “Eternal City” by the ancient Ro
Tourism in Rome Italy destinations
because they believed that no matter what happened in the rest of the world, the city of Rome would always stand still.
With its rich history, Rome is the third most visited city in Europe and the 14th in the world, attracting visitors from all over the world who love to discover the city’s impressive monuments and archaeological sites; Not to mention the famous cuisine and the lively and modern Tourism in Rome atmosphere, with many amazing attractions and places to discover.
And even though Rome is a big city with lots of things to do and see, especially if you are a history buff. However, there are a lot of major sites fairly close to each other, so you can see a lot of them in a small amount of time.
Tourist places in Rome

Tourist places in Rome

Tourist places in Rome is an open-air museum, which means that when you visit you will be in front of a large number of historical Tourist places Rome attractions that are worth visiting and discovering
Rome hotels
Rome hotels When staying at the Radisson Blu es Hotel, Rome, you will be able to pamper yourself with the integrated health club services.
If you are looking for means of recreation and entertainment, this will be available to you at Rome hotels through the outdoor swimming pool and sauna,
with free Wi-Fi and child care.

Italian destination Tourism in Milan

Tourism in Milan is world-renowned among Italy lovers, as one of the world’s fashion capitals, but it also has a wealth of museums and interesting things to see and do.
Milan offers many tourist advantages, making it an ideal destination to visit when planning travel and tourism in Italy, where tourists can reach most of the city’s attractions and museums on foot, and some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks include the Duomo di Milano, the impressive opera house and the castle Stunning old churches and a great variety of museums and art galleries.
For those who also want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in Tourism in Milan you can rent a car or take a train to one of the most beautiful landscapes in northern Italy.
Italian lakes, green hills, and crystal-clear lakes, of which make Milan an ideal summer destination.
Tourist places in Milan Welcome, dear traveler, to one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Italy, which takes you to an amazing world of entertainment and enjoyment, between the wonderful streets and various tourist attractions, as well as the incomparable shopping opportunities in a group of the most beautiful international commercial centers, and not only that, there are also many tourist attractions in Rome waiting for you.
Milan hotels
Milan hotels enjoy the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan with free services such as Wi-Fi, babysitting, and childcare.

Tourism in Palermo

Italian destination Tourism in Palermo During your trip to Sicily, you cannot skip visiting the beautiful city of Palermo, which undoubtedly has a lot of beautiful sights, starting from the dreamy historical center with many unique attractions, wonderful temperatures, and proximity to beaches that remind you of the Caribbean Sea, not to mention the wonderfully delicious food Comfortable atmosphere and friendly people. If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination away from the crowds of tourists, Palermo is the perfect holiday destination for you, a destination that enjoys wonderful streets with a mixture of medieval buildings, Byzantine palaces, and the vibrant colors of Venice.

Tourist places in Palermo

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is a truly unforgettable historical and tourist destination, thanks to its many distinctive attractions, and many wonderful places to visit, which we invite you to learn about here.

Italian destination Tourism in Rome Italy destinations PalermoPalermo Hotels

A fitness center and a coffee shop are available at the Grand Hotel Wagner.
buffet breakfast and free Wi-Fi in public areas are also offered. Other amenities include a sauna, valet parking, and coffee in the lobby. All 61 rooms offer free WiFi, 24-hour room service, and TVs with satellite channels.

Tourism in Naples

Naples If Rome is the heart of Italy, then Naples is its soul, the city of Naples is a beautiful and authentic destination, allowing you to spend a good time in Italy.
Naples is especially famous among visitors from around the world for its pizza and gelato, and although it is not the most beautiful Italian city nor is it one of the safest in this beautiful country, it is certainly an interesting place to visit, as well as its proximity to Pompeii, Capri, and Sorrento, which makes it A good starting point for exploring the area. Sightseeing in Naples If you want to discover Italy as its locals, visit Naples, as many of the tourists who preceded you to visit confirm, if you intend to take a nearby trip, first learn about a group of the most important tourist places in Naples.
What is the most famous part of Italy?

Naples hotels

Naples hotels Grand Hotel Vesuvio is located 23 minutes from Naples Piazza Amedeo subway station.
This hotel features a restaurant, indoor pool, and fitness center.
Free WiFi is also available in public areas, and Naples hotels and all 160 rooms have satellite TVs and free WiFi.

Italian destination Tourism in Rome Italy destinations Palermo Naples

Tourism in Venice

Tourism in Venice With its historic buildings and magnificent canals, Venice is one of the most famous attractions in Italy.
This floating city consists of a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Indeed, a trip to one of Italy’s most romantic cities will add to you, dear traveler, a lot of enjoyment.
Tourism in Venice And beautiful memories.
Of course, walking tours, as well as gondola rides, and dining in one of the city’s restaurants, are among the most important things to do in this beautiful destination.

Sightseeing places in Venice

Italian Venice is a dream for all lovers of travel and tourism around the world. Indeed, who does not wish to ride a gondola in the wonderful lakes of Venice, and who does not wish to discover the wonderful historical streets and spend a good time among the most beautiful monuments and blamed buildings that are incomparable?
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What is the best part of Italy to go to?

Venice hotels

Venice hotels Excelsior in Venice: Relax and enjoy a wonderful day on the private beach and take advantage of the amenities available.
Such as Venice hotels Luna Hotel Baglioni, Power Hotel, The Westin Europa and Regina Venice, Hotel Danieli, and The Gritti Palace Venice.

Tourism in Florence

Tourism in Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany and the birthplace of the Renaissance, so a trip there will allow you, dear traveler, to enjoy the masterpieces of art and architecture in one of the most popular cities when tourism in Italy and the city is also less expensive than Rome or Venice, and it is a great place to explore the countryside Tuscan, do not hesitate to visit to enjoy the splendor of the amazing sights and attractions, not to mention the local food, fashion, street markets, and unmatched architecture Indeed, anywhere else you can stroll the same pedestrian streets as Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Botticelli while tasting the best gelato in the scientist?

Italian destination Tourist places in FlorenceItalian destination Palermo Naples Florence

Tourist places in Florence are the charming destination that awaits its visitors in Lahf and Shawq, with its wonderful tourist attractions and incomparable places, amazing arts, and architecture, as well as museums and galleries that are among the best in the world For more information about the tourist places in Florence.
What type of destination is Italy?
Florence hotels

Florence Hotel Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy features a restaurant and a 24-hour fitness center. Wi-Fi is free in public areas.
Other amenities include a 24-hour business center and 24-hour room service, plus free WiFi and 24-hour room service.

Italian destination Rome attractions Travel to Italy.

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